Investment Case

A Clear strategy for Growth

IRC is a vertically integrated
producer of industrial
commodities, notably...

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Date Title Media
10 Oct 2013 IRC – Advantages Of Very Low Production Cost (Chinese only) Capital Weekly
28 Aug 2013 IRC’s Trend Strengthens (Chinese only) Exmoo News
26 Aug 2013 IRC's Production Edges towards 10 Million Tonnes (Chinese only) Ta Kung Pao
26 Aug 2013 IRC Requires Over US$4.1 Billion to Finance Two Projects (Chinese only) Hong Kong Commercial Daily
22 Aug 2013 IRC Seeks Funding for Mining Projects South China Morning Post
24 Jul 2013 Commodity Slump Hits Mining IPOs in Hong Kong The Wall Street Journal
19 Jul 2013 Iron Ore Demands Expected to Fluctuate in the Short-Term; Prices will be Supported at USD$100 Per Tonne (Chinese only) AA Stocks
19 Jul 2013 IRC Expects No Big Difference in This Year's Results, Financing Needs Remain Except Share Placement (Chinese only) Infocast
19 Jul 2013 IRC's Annual Results are Expected to be Similar to Last Year; No M&A Plans in the Short-Term (Chinese only) AA Stocks
19 Jul 2013 IRC Plans Acquisitions Without Fear (Chinese only) The Sun
19 Jul 2013 IRC Looking to Acquire Four Projects (Chinese only) Oriental Daily News
19 Jul 2013 IRC's Large Expansion Capacity; Dividends Will be Paid as Soon as Possible (Chinese only) Sing Tao Daily
19 Jul 2013 IRC: Hard for Iron Ore Prices to See A Large Drop (Chinese only) Hong Kong Economic Times
19 Jul 2013 IRC says Iron Ore Demand in India Gradually Growing (Chinese only) Hong Kong Economic Journal
27 Jun 2013 Yuan Tongli met with Jay Hambro, Executive Chairman of Hong Kong's IRC Limited (Chinese only) China Daily
08 May 2013 Good Things to Come, IRC Rises (Chinese only) Hong Kong Economic Times