Corporate Governance


The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of IRC is committed to
promoting good corporate governance to safeguard the
interests of the shareholders and to enhance the Group’s
performance. The Group believes that conducting its
businesses in an open and responsible manner...

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Track Record

Our Future K&S Commercial production (Phase I)
Doubling production (Phase II)
Garinskoye Production
2015 IRC Completed fully underwritten Open Offer
K&S Ongoing commissioning and testing

Strategy & Objectives


Directors & Management



Executive Directors Independent Non-Executive Directors Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Yury Makarov

Mr. Danila Kotlyarov

Mr. Daniel Rochfort Bradshaw

Mr. Jonathan Eric Martin Smith

Mr. Chuang-fei Li

Mr. Simon Murray

Mr. Jay Hambro

Mr. Raymond Woo

Mr. Cai Sui Xin

Health, Safety & Environment


IRC takes its Health and Safety, Environmental and Community responsibilities seriously. They are a core consideration at every stage of our business, not just the day-to-day mining and processing operations, but also through all our functions from exploration to logistics and administration. This also includes the communities where we operate and through our involvement in charitable works, the wider communities of the Amur and Jewish Autonomous regions of the Russian Far East.

In 2012 in recognition of these, IRC is the first and only iron ore company in the Russian Far East, as well as the first mining company in the Jewish Autonomous and Amur regions to be certified for compliance with ISO 14001:2004.